Terms & Conditions

I want you to love your purchase from Rusterior Design! If your item is defective in anyway or you are not happy with it please return it for a full refund( in the state you received it).

I try to be as transparent and clear with my items  as possible to avoid any issues, but if you are hesitant about the description or have any questions at all feel free to send me a message. 

Our items are: HAND MADE ! Please keep this in mind when purchasing from our shop. Most of the studio hours are kept going by coffee after our three little babes have gone to bed. Every stitch may not be perfect but we kinda like it that way, it takes us back to the rustic roots that got this small shop started! I will NEVER send you anything that I wouldn't put my kiddos in or wear myself. 

Please also realize that some items in my shop are vintage and or made with vintage items. These items have made it through years of wear and tear and may not be in pristine condition. ( In fact I almost never seek those items out, I like things a little rough around the edges.) Please keep this in mind.


Return shipping or returns is the responsibility of the buyer!! Unfortunately I can not issue a refund until I have received the item back - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!**********