Campfire Stories Soy Candle

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Vanilla, fir, and smoke unite in this rich blend of campfire goodness. Campfire Stories is grounded in smokey, organic notes and topped with a pinch of sweetness.The marshmallow-like aroma elicits feels of nostalgia from camping in the woods, roasting 'smores and exchanging stories by the fire.


**Please note** This scent contains vanilla which is prone to a color change (a light yellow) when exposed to any type of light. This is purely aesthetic and will not affect the burn quality.


12oz // Soy wax // Phthalate-free oil blend // Brown kraft, recycled label // Crackling wooden wick made with organic hardwood // Black lid // Recyclable/Reusable mason jar // 80+ Hour burn-time // Cruelty-free + vegan + non toxic